We believe in farming responsibly

At spoiltpig we have always held the belief that well cared for, responsibly farmed pigs make for the best tasting bacon and gammon money can buy.

We are proud to have launched the UKs first range of gammon and bacon which is from pigs that have not only been raised to the highest welfare standards but are raised without the use of antibiotics.

Supported by the UKs Alliance to Save our Antibiotics, and in anticipation of both global and EU legislation specific to the threat of antibiotic resistance caused by over use in humans and exacerbated by often unnecessary use in farming, we have worked closely with Brydock Farms, who have developed a unique farming method, guaranteeing all our pigs are outdoor bred and raised without the need for antibiotics.

Don’t worry though, if one of our pigs becomes poorly, it will of course receive the treatment it needs, but will not be used for spoiltpig products.