• RSPCA Assured

• Outdoor bred

• Raised without antibiotics

• British

Our Story: Operating to the highest welfare standards

At spoiltpig, we believe that well cared for animals mean better quality and better tasting food. Knowing where our food comes from is now more important than ever to us all, which is why, we only work with British farmers we know and trust.

All our bacon is produced from outdoor bred pigs, raised in areas with low pig populations, meaning less chance of our pigs getting ill. The pigs are born in the great outdoors, and then brought into warm, spacious, straw-filled barns after weaning, to continue living happy, healthy lives.

Rest assured, we're RSPCA assured

Previously known as Freedom Food, the RSPCA Assured mark is the ethical food label given to farm foods which meet the RSPCA’s high animal welfare standards. So, you can rest assured that when you see the RSPCA Assured mark on our products, our pigs have had the good life and been treated with the compassion and respect that the RSPCA demands.

We believe in farming responsibly

Spoiltpig is the UKs first range of bacon from pigs raised without the use of antibiotics from birth. Supported by the UKs Alliance to Save our Antibiotics, and in anticipation of both global and EU legislation specific to the threat of antibiotic resistance caused by overuse in humans and exacerbated by often unnecessary use in farming, we have worked closely with Brydock Farms, who have developed a unique farming method, guaranteeing all our pigs are outdoor bred and raised without antibiotics from birth.

Don’t worry though, if one of our pigs becomes poorly, it will of course receive the treatment it needs, but will not be used for spoiltpig products.

Brydock Farms

Spoiltpig and Brydock Farms enjoy a strong relationship. Based in the Scottish Highlands Brydock Farms operate to the high welfare standards we demand, enabling them to produce healthy, happy and disease-free animals.

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Where to find us

Fancy a bacon butty? Don't fear, our outdoor bred, RSPCA Assured spoiltpig pork is near!

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