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60 seconds with Ellen Streatfeild

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See what Ellen has to say

This month, we’re putting Ellen Streatfeild in the spotlight in our inaugural 60 second interview. Find out what Ellen has to say about life as Promotions Manager at spoiltpig.

What’s your roll at spoiltpig?

I am involved in the marketing, so looking after spreading the spoiltpig word!

How long have you worked there?

I have been full time at spoiltpig for 7 years, but being brought up on the farm, I have packed bacon at every opportunity since we started producing it in 1994!

What makes spoiltpig special?

There are two main things that make our bacon the best – first of all it is about the well cared for pigs that are used; this really does make a difference to the flavour and texture of the meat. Secondly, it is the hand curing method that we have used right from the start that produces a delicious bacon that doesn’t ooze water and white stuff!

What the best and worst things you have had to do?

Best things – speaking to customers at shows and events and seeing their response after sampling the bacon – they always come back for more!
Worst things – nope, can’t think of anything.

What did you want to be as a child?

An astronaut!

Favourite bacon recipe?

We do tend to eat a lot of bacon in our house, it is included in most dishes! My favourite though would have to be my mum’s pheasant and bacon crumble, although the recipe is top secret!