Bacon in the microwave? Really? Are you sure?

Microwaved bacon?  Tut tut.  But just picture the scene…  You’re in the kitchen. You have your packet of delicious spoiltpig bacon ready to cook up a tasty bacon sandwich. Perhaps you turn to your grill? Perhaps to the frying pan? But the thing is, you NEED your bacon sandwich urgently. Aunty Pam is visiting in 15 minutes and you don’t have enough bacon to be able to offer her a sandwich too. Crisis. What do you do? Might we suggest you cast a lingering glance at your microwave…

No, that wasn’t a typo. The microwave has been hailed as the way to cook perfect bacon and “revolutionise your kitchen” quotes the Michelin starred chef Marco Pierre White, who has been an advocate of microwaved bacon for the best part of two decades.

Righto Mr Pierre White, how can this possibly be better than traditional methods of cooking up a rasher of tasty bacon? The benefits of microwaved bacon are three fold, using a microwave can save on the washing up; gives crispy bacon in a mere few minutes; cooks bacon in such a way that the grease is minimalised (Ooo – healthier bacon!).

The Microwave Method…

Still to be convinced? There’s a technique to the microwave method, get it right and perhaps you might be a convert. Here’s how to master crispy spoiltpig microwaved bacon:

1. Open your packet of spoiltpig bacon (streaky or back, smoked or unsmoked according to preference)
2. Place a microwaveable dish/bowl upside down and cover with 3 layers of kitchen paper
3. Lay the rashers of tasty spoiltpig atop the kitchen paper, ensuring there are no overlaps (this will affect the crispiness of the bacon)
4. Cover the bacon with one layer of kitchen paper and place the whole upside down dish/bowl onto a microwaveable plate
5. Shove it in the microwave! 3mins full power in an 800w microwave should do the trick
6. When you hear the ting gently lift the top layer of kitchen paper to check that the bacon is crisped to your liking – if not, pop it back in for 30sec bursts until you’re happy with the crisp on your spoiltpig
7. Place your bacon between 2 slices of finest white farmhouse doorstop bread, pre-buttered, adding a dash of ketchup or brown sauce to taste, then EAT (before Aunty Pam turns up!)

Need a recipe for the ultimate bacon sandwich?  Look no further…

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