Rest assured, we’re RSPCA assured

At spoiltpig, we believe that well cared for animals mean better quality and better tasting food. Knowing where our pigs come from, and ensuring we only work with British farmers who share our values, means that we can guarantee the bacon we produce has come from outdoor bred pork. What does that mean? It means that our pigs have been born in the great outdoors, and then brought into warm, spacious, straw-filled barns after weaning to continue living happy and healthy lives.

Previously known as Freedom Food, the RSPCA Assured mark is the ethical food label given to farm foods which meet the RSPCA’s high animal welfare standards. So you can rest assured that when you see the RSPCA Assured mark on our products, our pigs have had the good life, and been treated with the compassion and respect that the RSPCA demands.

Our animals deserve it, and it means that spoiltpig can continue to fulfil our mission to bring you the best tasting British RSPCA Assured bacon that you’ll find anywhere. Just see our award winning credentials if you need further proof.