Perhaps calling our own bacon GREAT may seem bold and slightly un-British. But we dont do it lightly

we took a long hard look at the bacon on supermarket shelves and were distinctly unimpressed. Spoiltpig is better in every way. Our pigs are born outdoors and raised with love and care in straw filled barns without the use of antibiotics. spoiltpig is hand dry cured and slowly matured, resulting in bacon so great it has won multiple awards for its outstanding taste.


Bacon Colcannon

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Smokey Bacon & Bean Bakes 

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Bacon Orzo Carbonara 

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In the kitchen

Spoil yourself with some of our recipes. There are so many ways to enjoy spoiltpig bacon.
Here are a few that you have sent us!

Pesto, Bacon & Tomato Tart

This quick and easy tart/pizza is full of peppery pesto and tasty tomatoes.

Spoiltpig bacon & cheese Gluten Free fritatta

Looking for a recipe with minimal washing up and maximum taste?

Where to find us

Fancy a bacon butty? Don't fear, our outdoor bred, RSPCA Assured spoiltpig pork is near!

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