The Ultimate in Bacon Sandwiches

Smoked vs unsmoked; back vs streaky; brown sauce vs tomato ketchup…there are a plethora of considerations when making the best bacon sandwich (mainly led by personal preference). But ultimately there is no right or wrong. As long as you know how to get the most from your outdoor bred, RSPCA Assured pork you’re guaranteed to create the most delicious and loved sandwiches of the British public – the bacon sandwich.

Pig farming in the UK is a growing industry and spoiltpig RSPCA Assured, outdoor bred, raised without antibiotics pork is just the ticket for your bacon sandwich occasion.

A Science

So loved in fact is the bacon sandwich that experts at Leeds University invested time in working out the science behind the ideal sandwich, discovering that the secret lay in just how crispy and crunchy the bacon was. The multi-sensory experience of the bacon sandwich was deemed crucial to the consumer’s pleasure (texture, smell and the sound of the crunch!). They even came up with a scientific formula (it’s long, complex and quite frankly we don’t quite get it). But there are some intrinsic ways we can help you enjoy your spoiltpig British, outdoor bred bacon to the max.

Ideal Cuts

Starting with which cut of bacon to choose – spoiltpig dry cured back bacon or dry cured streaky bacon? The answer is – why limit yourself to one? Many celebrated chefs opt for a mixture of the both and we agree! The best way to cook our spoiltpig dry cured bacon of either cut is, we believe, using a griddle pan. This way you tend not to lose too much of the fat which ultimately gives your sandwich or your hearty fry-up so much of it’s flavour. Pre-heat the griddle pan for 4-5mins first ensuring it’s nice and hot before you add the bacon. Make sure each rasher has it’s own cosy spot in the pan to crisp up nicely. And while it’s cooking resist the temptation to move it around the pan, be patient and wait for the fat to turn a nice crisp golden colour before turning to cook the other side. Then cook to your liking.

White or Brown?

Which bread you opt for is personal preference but here we like to go for a nice 1-2cm thick slice of white farmhouse bread. Butter it up and we reckon the perfect sandwich should have a 2:1 ratio of streaky bacon to back bacon.

Not that you’re likely to want to wait, but make sure you scoff it immediately. Then perhaps go back for bacon sandwich number 2…

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