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Perfect Pigs in Blankets

Christmas is but once a year, so it’s important that you go all out on the ultimate of side dishes. We talk of course about those yummy scrummy get-in-my-tummy chipolata sausages wrapped in sumptuous spoiltpig. Make many many. Because none will ever be left over. Good quality Devonshire pork chipolatas or mini cocktail sausages (not pre cooked) are what you need for these. Ideally just simple pork sausages with a hint of seasoning. And it goes without saying that the best bacon for your blankets is spoiltpig, our streaky smoked bacon makes these the best.

What you will need

  • Cocktail sausages/chipolatas
  • spoiltpig smoked streaky bacon

How to prepare

If using cocktail-sized sausages, cut each rasher of spoiltpig in half and then in half again so you end up with 4 mini ‘rashers’ of bacon. Wrap each mini rasher around one of the sausages.

If using full-size chipolatas, cut each rasher of spoiltpig in half and then use each half to wrap around each sausage.

After wrapping your sausages, lay them on an ovenproof tray, giving a bit of space between each sausage. Put in the oven at 170°for 35mins (turning half way) until they’re golden in colour.


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