More about pigs

How do you rear a pig?

It’s simple really. Give pigs as natural a life as possible and watch them flourish. Pigs are intelligent animals and need to develop their natural behaviour to be sane and healthy. We believe in outdoor pig farming and as such the pigs on the RSPCA Assured farms we work with are born and reared outdoors to give them this opportunity.

Pigs are naturally inquisitive.  Our farmers make sure they provide environments that are spacious and interesting enough for our pigs to forage in and investigate. They also provide snug, straw-filled arks for them to shelter in.

When our pigs move indoors for the second half of their lives they live in warm straw barns with plenty of space to move about in and socialise. They are cared for to very high standards with regular fresh straw in which they love to burrow. And of course they are well fed with the right kind of nutrition to keep them fit and healthy.

All our farms are RSPCA inspected regularly to ensure they meet the rigorous criteria required for RSPCA Assurance, so we (and you) can be satisfied that our pigs have been truly spoilt!